"I can't say enough good things about In Motion Fitness. Drew is a great trainer, who is motivating and extremely educated in the areas of fitness and form.The workouts are always different, so there is no need to worry about them ever getting stale. You get a little bit of everything from strength & conditioning, cardio, to AMRAP. Although his workouts are challenging, his main concern is his members safety, and you'll definitelygain with a better understanding of the importance of proper form.
The group classes provide a comfortable and welcoming enviromentwhere everyone pushes eachother, and you'll never finish a class without another member saying "good job today" which is the perfect little pick me up after an exhausting workout, and just enough to get you to say "See ya tomorrow!" - AM


"Great classes and community of people! The training is always challenging but fun. Drew does a great job leading the group and provides awesome support and knows how to push you through workout. Definitely worth checking out!" - SF


"Drew has done such a great job with IMF! Every class is challenging and fun. The people you train with really help keep you motivated and hungry for more! I would highly recommend In motion fitness to anyone and everyone!!" - JT


"In Motion Fitness is the real deal! Drew is incredibly passionate about fitness and ensures that everyone in class is successful in achieving their personal fitness goals. Each class is different and keeps you engaged and interested in working out. The classes are challenging and there is a great sense of camaraderie within the IMF community. Can’t say enough about this place!" - JI


"If there were more than five stars, I’d give it to In Motion Fitness! His classes are extremely challenging yet rewarding. Drew has a passion for all things fitness and truly cares about every single one of his clients. The workout, training and overall atmosphere at this gym is truly one of a kind. It’s like you’re part of a one big family!" - AZ


"Great gym - close to home, personal attention, customized and kick-ass! I've worked with Drew for a number of years and he knows his stuff. Getting fit has never been more fun!" - LM